Do You Need An Amazing EDC Belt?
This Is The Belt You've Been Looking For...

  • Super Stiff: Double Ply Nylon Material Gives You A Stiff, No Sag, No Twist Belt, No Matter What You Put On The Belt.
  • COBRA® Buckle: Literately No Better Buckle Available On The Market! With a 2000LB+ Breaking Strength You can Have Total Security That It'll Never Open On It's Own Or Fail You.
  • Multiple Sizes Available: Sizes Currently In Stock. Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.
  • ​Made In The USA: The Belt Meets Berry Compliant Standards. We Make The Belt In The USA To Give You The Best Quality And To Keep Jobs In The USA.
  • Adjustable: Our Belts Have 4" of Adjustment So That You Can Get The Perfect Fit When You Carry And When You Don't.

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Here's A Deep Dive Into The Feature Packed Into This Belt...

  • Double Ply Nylon Material:  Gives you a stiff, strong point for your holster and accessories to clip around. Single ply belts sag and twist causing your weapon and gear to fall off when you sit down or bend over, which is unacceptable. When You Have a stiff double ply belt, it provides you more comfort when you carry. It’ll also give you the confidence if or when you need to draw the weapon that it will be exactly where you want it. Don’t mess around,the belt is a critical part of your edc.
  • Genuine Cobra Buckle: The Cobra® buckle is simply the best. You wont find anything better for a belt buckle!  The Aluminum Buckle Is Tough As Nails And Won’t Disappoint You. It’s Designed To Easily Pass Through The Pant Loops Without Having To Remove The Buckle From The Belt Every Time. (use The Female Size For This Easy Slide Function) This Results In Significant Time Savings So You Can Do More With Your Time.
  • Quick Release: Sometimes you need to quickly get in and out of the buckle, this comes apart with a push of the double locking mechanism. When it’s time to buckle you just push the male and female end together for a quick snap in. Saving you time and effort in an emergency or day to day operations. Perfect for the Firefighters and EMS agencies needing a duty belt that supports your rapid response.
  • Adjustable: Adjustable by 4” - We have worked in roughly 4” of adjustment to each size belt. This allows you to make daily adjustments if you carry more or less on the belt. Giving you a comfortable fit no matter what you CCW needs are. The hook and loop allows you to keep the extra material in an organized position, giving you a comfortable, professional look.
  • ​Made In The USA / Berry Compliant - Now you can have the absolute best belt, giving you the confidence during your daily carry or way of life. Not only will you feel good about the quality, you'll also feel good about supporting the men and women who made this gun belt in the USA for you. The COBRA buckles are made in Austria and imported for Manufacturing when we start in the USA. This belt is Berry Amendment Compliant and so is the Cobra Buckles.
  • ​WASHABLE – Like your clothes, belts get dirty, we come into contact with things and substances that we should not carry around with us. This can be easily washed with mild soap and water and you’ll look clean, sharp and professional again. This is a great Firefighter Belt or EMS belt because it’s washable. When you come in contact with a patient that requires decontamination, take your decon serious and wash your duty belt belt.